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Bundle Your Policies

Bundle the policies for a multi-policy discount on auto and homeowners insurance. In case you own a vehicle check to see if the same carrier can provide you with a multi- policy rebate for purchasing your home insurance policy with them. Doing this, you can save you as much as ten percent.

Set up a burglar alarm

A number of insurance carriers provide a discount for those who have a burglar alarm installed in their home, You can get up to ten percent rebate on your insurance coverage by setting up a burglar alarm.

Set up a monitoring service

After installing a burglar alarm, you’ll be able to get an additional ten percent off by having it monitored by a trustworthy service. Many alarm installation firms provide discounts by letting them monitor your system. In case the alarm is tripped, they’ll contact the fire unit and inform the house owner also. The cost may range anywhere between $25 to $40 per month however the amount could be counterbalanced by your house insurance discount savings. In addition, it may enable you to have a better sleep at night!

Increase your deductible

This can be among the most cost effective measures for getting an instant discount on your home insurance coverage. By raising your deductible from 500 bucks to 1000 bucks or even greater to 2000 bucks, you can get a substantial discount on the home insurance policy. A few insurance companies let you pick a percentage of your policy as a deductible. Ensure you aren’t simply raising the deductible for getting a cheap homeowners insurance coverage since it might cost you later!

Dead bolt locks

Setting up smoke detectors and dead bolt locks can be a quite efficient method for securing home insurance coverage at an inexpensive rate. Many carriers offer a 5  to 10 percent discount for simply having these low-cost devices added to your house.

Having a good track record with your carrier

Many firms will take into account your insurance history while setting up your rates. In case you’ve been with a firm for a while, and haven’t filed any claims, you’ll get a decent home insurance quote. Maintain a healthy track record with the carrier by making sure your house is as damage proof as you can make it. In case the damage to your house is worth no more than your deductible amount, avoid reporting anything to the firm.

Check rebuilding costs every two years

Avoid confusing what you pay for the house as to what it’ll cost for rebuilding. In case you just purchased a house and the purchase price was around $300K, your costwill include the land it sits on. But, the land wouldn’t be considered in the rebuilding total. Every 2 years, let your broker run a replacement cost quotation on your house. This way, you’ll get an idea of what it might cost for rebuilding your house in case of a total loss. In addition, it can also let you tweak the coverage amount in view of that. Click here to see more homeowners insurance savings tips.
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Here are some great money saving tips from the Radio Times: Loyalty rarely pays when it comes to insurance, yet thousands of homeowners automatically renew their home insurance policies every year rather than shopping around for cheaper cover. One in four of us accept the renewal quote offered by our existing providers each year, according to comparison site, even though policies typically increase by £9 a year, or £37 million collectively. The site claims that if homeowners shopped around and switched providers, they could potentially save up to £59 each, which equates to a massive collective saving of £243m. Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Insurance companies trick loyal customers into sticking with them– but with higher premiums – through confusing renewal letters and notices, whereas new customers are offered great rates to get them through the door. If this happens year on year, loyal customers can end up paying hundreds of pounds more than they need to. “As a nation, we spend over £37 million more than we need to because so many home insurance providers renew their customers’ policies automatically – that’s money we can’t afford to waste.” The good news is that home insurance premiums fell to a six- year low in April. Prices are currently at their lowest since 2010, costing £109 a year on average for combined buildings and contents cover.      However, it is usually only new customers which pay the lowest prices, which is why it is so important to regularly review your cover. There are other ways you can reduce home insurance premiums. For example, you could consider increasing your excess, which is the portion of any insurance claim which you must pay yourself. Make sure it remains affordable though, otherwise you could struggle to make a claim at all. Read the entire post  
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